Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 2009

Just an update to add to my old blog here as it is faintly still alive. I will be 3 years post-op this coming August. I am pretty much pain free, although still get very tired by early evening. I guess I cannot blame that on my operation anymore! Maybe old age or having two active boys or both combined. But having that major operation is still a part of me by all means. I still think back every so often to that time and thank God that I came out of it healthly.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October update..

It has been 2 years plus that I had my scoliosis surgery... & I'm doing ok...
My last check up was back at the end of July with Dr. Boachie and all looked good. My spine is still very crooked(60 degree curve) and makes me wince when I look at the x rays. But it is better than it was(95 degrees) before. I still get scared from time to time that it will start to move more crooked but try not to think those thoughts.. on a bad day, I can.....but I mostly have good days and those thoughts are few....

All in all, it was such a huge couple of operations that zapped my body & mind for a long time. It did take me quite a while to have a passion for my life again. And I found it hard to get back to the many things I loved to do in the past. Maybe it was depression, and maybe just a tiredness within from all that went on...but I was not the same as I was before....
Little by little, I felt better as time went on and I got back to the things I loved. I finally felt recovered!!!!
Anyone that is going through these operations can always drop me their email & I will be happy to help you thru it all. It was hard but I made it and I'm all better!


Monday, September 18, 2006

I can drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went driving in the Jeep!!! I turned the key in the ignition & backed down our steep driveway! My 2 little men watched me from the front door...they looked very concerned yet clapped! My husband took a peak too! I felt good..a bit taller & a bit confined in my brace but I so wanted to DRIVE!!!! I got down the driveway & took off thru the neighborhood, waving to those I knew!!!!! 10 minutes later, I came home feeling like a new woman....I did it!
I plan on driving only within my town borders for now....but what a feeling of independence...& I have a full tank of gas....yea!!!! Tomorrow, who knows, maybe the Library!!!-------------------Ly

Friday, September 15, 2006

Physical Therapy 101....Mon & Thurs nites..ouchie!

Physical Therapy 101: well let's just say that 6 pm last night was my 2nd P.T. visit & I woke up with pain & aches at 2am this morning, moaning for my pain meds...My husband nudged me & blabbed out that I fell asleep at 11:00 & did'nt get my 11:30 dose of percoset...therefore..up at 2 am in a panic....took the pain med & very slowly,if at all, did I improve. I then woke up again at 4am to wander thru the house in pain.....I'm gonna wrestle my Physical Therapist, Aaron.........He seems like a very nice guy outside of his job & I know as he says, in the long run ,I'll be in great shape..but for now, he's killing me.....I told him I'd write about him in my blog...& so it is.....why can't we just walk, I ask him?? I like to walk...he says I need to do all these other exercises to rebound from this surgery....bend my legs this way & that, go on my sides, lift my legs...I'm gonna kill him! & why is there only about 3 people doing P.T. when I go in? It's empty in there so that means I have him watching my every move...40 on the left leg, 40 on the right..keep going......I can't take a break or cheat one time cause he's always there by my side..........Physical Therapy 101 hurts & is keeping me up at night...! May I please have the weekend to rest- no soccer or baseball games, just leave me home to rest, please!------ Ly

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

whatever goes on the floor..stays on the floor in my house...

I drop a quarter, I drop a dime.....I'll pick them up...sometime.....whenever I find my grabber....I never know where I've put my grabber?? I try with my toes but I ain't too good at that............I guess I'll just leave everything on the floor where it falls...just can't bend............Ly

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm so tired.....time to pace myself....!

This morning I walked quite a bit on the street where I live.....I was doing great going down the street which is a cul de sac....but it took me a loooooong time to come back up the street!!! Seems there is more of an incline than I remember.....I felt like a 90 year old on the way back with my cane.....then it was into bed for a nap.....I'm so tired......Time to pace myself....Ly